Glucosamine Supplements For Treating Canine Arthritis Safely

dog medicationI just read the unfortunate story of a dog that had been given prescription medication to treat his osteoarthritis. The pet’s owner had taken him to the veterinarian after observing the dog having trouble negotiating their home’s steps and often limping.

As often is the case, the vet prescribed the animal a drug which is very commonly used to treat joint disease in dogs. Although the drug is highly successful in treating the symptoms for the disease, there are serious side effects experienced by some animals. In fact, some veterinarians have even stated that if the drug were used by humans to treat the same disease, it would’ve long ago been banned by the FDA.

There are safer alternatives to these prescription medications in many cases. Only in the most severe cases do doctors now prescribe these dangerous prescription drugs for treating the disease. Instead, they are suggesting the pet owners try a supplement called glucosamine to treat the disease.

It should be noted here that there are no cures for arthritis in either animals or humans. Also, it is interesting to note that the arthritic disease that people suffer from is much the same as the ones canines have in their older age.

Although the prescribed medicines offer almost immediate relief for the symptoms of osteoarthritis, it is perhaps best to treat the disease in a more natural way that addresses the real issues. The dangerous prescription medications just mask the symptoms and act only as a pain reliever.

On the other hand, glucosamine chondroitin can address the problem within the joints that the disease is causing. The definition of arthritis, in fact, is the degeneration of the cartilage tissues within the joints. These muscles are used to cushion and protect the bones from rubbing together as the joints move. As it thins, the fabric allows the bones to touch one another during movement and this, in turn, causes significant discomfort and pain to the dog.

Glucosamine contains the building blocks necessary for the body to rebuild and regenerate the damaged cartilage as best it can. Because this rebuilding process can take time, several weeks to several months of daily supplementation are required before pet owners will see any relief for their dogs suffering from the arthritic disease. It’s critical that the supplementation is carried out on a daily basis during that time to determine if glucosamine will, in fact, help the animal deal with the disease. Supplements come in treat/chew form, liquid form, as well as capsule form. A popular form is the chews because dogs don’t resist taking them. A good place to find these is on Amazon:

Another benefit to using glucosamine products is the cost. It is far less expensive per daily dose for glucosamine than the other dangerous prescribed medications. And again, there are virtually no side effects associated with supplementation.

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