Toyota’s Legendary 22RE Engine

engineSome have dubbed the Toyota 22Re the engine that keeps on giving. With reports of more than 400,000 on some of these engines, it’s easy to see why they have maintained their reputation over the years. Unfortunately, this engine stopped being produced in 1994, so anything that you will find on the market today will be a rebuilt engine. Some call them the holy grail of engines. They are bulletproof and there are little to no reports about anyone having trouble with these engines.

They were put in the older Toyota pickups and some of the compact models. Those who loved mud running and climbing snow covered hills would enjoy the power it gave to a Forerunner with 4×4 actions. This engine is legendary because of its performance. They sure don’t build them like that today. There are reports that one of these engines broke all records and made it to nearly a million miles. Toyota switched to another type of engine in 1994, but the legend of this one lives on.

Is The 22RE Engine The Best Ever?

Ask any mechanic and they will tell you that the 22Re was one of the best engines ever made. They deserve the reputation they have been given. Though you have to get an older piece of equipment to get one, even in a rebuilt status it’s a gamble worth taking. Toyota has long been known for their quality equipment and this engine is just one of their many smart moves in a dependable and long-running vehicle.

It had a cast iron head and block and reports stated that these units could pull up to 30 mpg. In 1985, Toyota switched and the engines were fuel injected and they put straight axles on the front. Those who have had the engine will testify that these engines are tough. Some say they still have these engines and they are still going. An engine that can last 18 years plus is worth the investment. These engines were made in Japan and use a hard material for the block, compared to the older style British Engines that used the soft piston rings. The incredible thing about these engines is that the bores remained free of ridges for the life of the vehicle.

It’s just another example of the fine ingenuity that goes into a Toyota. The 22Re will go down in history as one of the best engines ever made.


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